How To: Get Your Self-Esteem to Normal Level

You ever have those days where everything in life is pretty decent yet you just feel so sad? I hate that shet.

Here’s a list of ways I personally put this feeling to a halt and get my self-esteem on a normal level.

  1. Dress Awesome

I actually TRY to do this everyday. I invest time & (a lil) money on my wardrobe. Wear something you feel comfortable & confident in! How I feel about how I dress sets my mood for the entire day. If I leave the house not feeling like what I’m wearing got a mental stamp of approval, I’ll feel lousy the whole day and I just wanna go back home.

  1. Find Your (New) One Song

This one is my favorite. Though it actually takes awhile to find that ONE SONG that I just fall in love with. When I’m feeling sad I search for ONE SONG to lift my mood. It’s something to blast in the car on the way to school and it instantly makes me feel like a badass because all I can think of is how awesome this song is & how I personally think I have the best taste in music. This is the last song that had me forget why I was even sad in the first place:

  1. Smile & Laugh

Engage in something that makes you smile and/or laugh. Once I searched stand-up comedy acts on YouTube for the sole purpose of laughing. Hangout with people who’ll make you laugh & smile. Do something you love that puts a smile on your face😄

  1. Give Yourself a Little Makeover

This is as simple as shaving your legs or doing your eyebrows or your nails. Something about the little things makes you feel so much prettier.

  1. Meditate

Breathe. Learn how to with Ella Grace Denton.

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