November Inspiration

1. We Need To Live More: My 20th Year

Ella’s blog is pure inspiration for me, but for her 20th birthday she posted her goals & aspirations for the upcoming year and I loved the concept. Yes I do make yearly resolutions but these goals in particular made me open my mind to things I could do and accomplish this year in terms of life enrichment and moving forward in my life.

2. The Social Type

This is a website that makes and sells beautiful greeting cards, notepads, and other pretty stuff. The graphics & creativity used on these cards are really lovely and their collection is fun to browse through. This website inspired me for new designs and projects!

3. We Need To Live More: Humans Helping Humans

Another post from Ella’s blog! I love that she made a special post about one girl who is hard working and dedicated and aspires to go to college but is unable to financially. So Ella shares this girl’s fundraiser link and it really inspired me to help out the good people of the world as well as actually donate to this girl! Donating even a small amount felt really good because I knew that I helped someone get a step closer to their dream.

4. The Rules Revisited

The post that inspired me in particular is “Female Game For Girls in Their 20s”. What’s interesting about this blog is that it’s a male who writes it…though this post is pretty spot on. It is stuff every girl should know but it’s nice to have it on paper and in list form.

5. Clarke Griffin (from The 100)

Season 2 of The 100 just started and Clarke is one of my favorite characters because of her bravery and what she’s willing to do for her family and friends and she’s also a very good leader. She’s someone who I aspire to be like and to have her courage when the time is right if it’s ever needed.

I hope you guys like my inspirations for the month and can get inspired from them as well. Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to grasp it.

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