3 (sometimes 4 or 5) Ingredient Smoothie

3 4 Ingred Smoothie


  1. Set chia seeds aside (if you plan on using some)
  2. Blend the remaining ingredients until smooth
  3. Top with chia seeds
  4. Enjoy immediately

I absolutely love smoothies and this is my go-to smoothie recipe because I usually have all these items on stock and it’s super easy, fast & good. If you’d like, you could pre-freeze banana chunks or add ice which is what I love to do. I’m always running late for class in the morning so this is something I can easily make & drink while I’m driving to my 8am class. (Never again am I taking another 8am class) This recipe is so versatile. Any flavor or kind of yogurt and milk goes well with it! You could even use coconut water. Adding the chia seeds on top is a nice garnish and doesn’t affect the taste. I recently bought a bag of chia seeds and didn’t know what to do with it until I found out you can put them in smoothies for extra protein! I usually like adding more greens just to make the color greener to make it look healthier and get a shot of vegetables in the morning. Hope you guys like this post and my amateur photography & editing skills!

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