My Poor Attempt at Peppermint Bark

So I love peppermint…peppermint patties, mint chocolate chip ice cream, peppermint chocolate chip cookies, and so on. So I really wanted to attempt to make peppermint bark this season and it was an epic fail. I’m really a “guesstimator” baker when it comes to something new & different. I look at the recipe once and think I can do the rest. Sometimes I get lucky, other times like this…not so much.

So heres what I learned for the next time I make peppermint bark:

  1. Don’t make the hot water touch the bottom of the top pot of the broiler.
  2. Low-heat & don’t scorch the chocolate!
  3. Don’t be eager and try to break the chocolate before it fully hardens.
  4. Use wax paper on the bottom of your chocolate
  5. Put it in a hiding spot to avoid family members from eating before it’s ready. The words “It’s not ready yet!” do not work.

And so, today I learned how not to make peppermint bark but an accidental crumbly peppermint white chocolate which still tasted good, so life isn’t too bad. Learn from your mistakes and make something out of it. Thanks for stickingĀ with me. Mwah!

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