Gift Suggestions: For the DIYer

1. Chalkboard Paint

There are so many projects chalkboard paint can you used for! They’ll definitely be excited to get a can of this just thinking of what they intend to use it for!

2. Mason Jars

Whether they’ll use them to preserve food or pretty pencil/brush holders, there are so many uses for mason jars. They’ll definitely find a way to use them.

3. Sneaker Customization Kit

Let them express themselves by giving them the option to decorate their own shoes! This kit is from JGoods which you can find here.

4 Colorful Sharpies

Getting them a new set of sharpies would be like Christmas morning! (literally) They could use these for anything & everything!

5. Glue Gun

What creative person doesn’t use a glue gun? Opportunities are endless with what they could use a glue gun for!

If you guys wanna check out my other gift guide suggestions you can click here & here. Happy Holidays!

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