Gift Suggestions: For the Fitness Guru

sporty1. Gift Card

This is perfect especially if your special someone wants new athletic wear and they’re really specific on what they like! You can just get this from the Nike store.

2. Fitness Jewellery

I specifically love the jewellery from Fashletics because their charms are so cute!

3. Good Durable Gym Bag

This bag is from Hershel and I love the bright colors and styles they have! Get them a bag they’d love to use and would motivate them to go to the gym just so they get to show off their bag!

4. Water Bottle

A water bottle is crucial for athletes to hydrate so it’d be fun to hydrate from a cute water bottle! I found this one from Life Factory and they come in different colors & caps.

5. Yoga Mat

This super pretty (but pricey) one is from Anthropologie and theres other designs to choose from. Having such a pretty yoga mat might just add a little zen to my life.

I hope you guys enjoyed this list so much that you buy a few of these things for yourself! If you’d like, you could check out my previous post Gift Suggestions: For the Wanderlust-er if you have a friend who dreams of travelling. Happy Holidays!

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