Gift Suggestions: For the Wanderlust-er

Know anyone who has dreams of globe trotting and they have a severe case of wanderlust? Here’s some suggestions for that friend in particular who wants to live life as a nomad.



1. Airplane Necklace

This is perfect if your special someone is into jewellery as well! It’s so cute that someone who isn’t a traveller would want to get it. Another one that I fancied was a paper airplane necklace! This particular one shown above is from Shagwear but you can find it here.

2. Cute Luggage Tag

Cute luggage tags are such a pretty accessory to have when you’re on the go. Personally, I’d like nice bright colors so it’d be easier to locate my luggage. The one above is from Leatherology and they have them in different colors and styles.

3. Passport Holder

For a constant passport user, you wanna protect your passport, so why not in something cute? The elephant one above is from 11:11 Enterprises and they have a great selection of cute passport holders for different likings!

4. Good Travelling Bag

Of course your special someone needs a good bag to put all their stuff in! So a good durable bag for travelling is crucial. I found a great Herschel one on Surf Stitch!

5. A Travel Book

Get them something to spark their wanderlust even more? Of course! A good travelling book is perfect to learn anything they should know beforehand when travelling. I found this one at Urban Outfitters witch a bunch of other great travelling books!

Have fun shopping! The wanderlust just might be contagious and inspire you to travel as well!

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