Book Review: #GIRLBOSS & Love, Rosie

I read these two books in the last few days before 2014 ended and I glad I’m chose them before the close of the year to spark my love of reading again to help keep up with my goal to read two books a month.

The first book was #GIRLBOSS written by Sophia Amoruso. I absolutely loved this book. I felt like I was in conversation with an older cousin telling me her experiences. It was so down to Earth and easy to read. I learned so much in this book. I screen shot so many pages that had a line or a paragraph I wanted to reference later. The only thing I regret is not buying a hard copy (only got the ebook). It’s so motivating and inspiring, she straight up tells you that you have to work for what you want, being a genuinely nice person will get you far in life and SO much more advice. I highly recommend this book to girls who are trying to make it in the business world or just trying to reach for the stars in general. I definitely plan on reading this book 5 more times (at least). Sophia is so inspirational. I may have followed her on all social media accounts…

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The second book is Love, Rose by Cecelia Ahern. Let me just say that I loved this book despite how sadistic it is. I cried at the end and couldn’t believe that was how it ended. I was so depressed by the ending.

This book is uniquely written through a mass of letters, emails, instant messages, etc and I did like that because it really got to the point at times. Except, it was as if you were just being told about what happened, but you weren’t actually there like in regular books. For example: It doesn’t show the actual parts when Alex & Rosie are together. You would find out what happened through a letter Rosie writes to her sister telling her about what happened. I felt like I was missing a couple things because of this writing style. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’m glad I read this book! I haven’t been so hooked on a book like this for awhile but I will warn you, finishing the book was torture.

Some of you may know that this book is going to the big screen but from the looks of the trailer and the cast, I don’t think they are going to fully portray the whole book and I’m very sad about that. I think they took out a couple of characters who are crucial to events that were crucial to the story of Alex & Rosie’s love life. I hope the movie is still good and but I’m still excited to watch it based on being a Lilly Collins fan alone, which is what encouraged me to read the book!

I HIGHLY suggest both these books! Find a copy and read them! I hope you guys enjoyed this review and are looking forward to next month’s!

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Liebster Award


This is kind of late since I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award, but I was nominated twice by A Little Pep In Your Step & Lace & Pearls Blog!

Questions From A Little Pep In Your Step:

1. What made you decide to start your blog?

-I started this blog as a way to work on my writing and creativity but it turned out to be much more! I learned that I wanted to genuinely inspire people (girls in my age area in particular) and I hope I can accomplish this through my blog.

2. What are your goals for 2015: in life and for your blog?

-I recently did a Aspirations post, so you could check that out!

3. What was your biggest life lesson in 2014?

-This is really important to me because I learned how much I love my sister and how to gain an actual friendship with her, which we’ve never really had❤

4. What was your most exciting memory from 2014?

-My most exciting memory was probably Road Back to EIF. The energy was amazing and I got to go with my best friends and that night was really one I’ll never forget.

5. What was the last book, magazine or blogpost that you read?

I have a GetPrismatic account, (which I suggest everyone have) and the last article I read from there was 50 Unpredictable and Non-Cliched Places To Travel To In Your 20s

6. How would your friends describe you?

I would HOPE my friends would describe me as creative, funny, and reliable.

7. Was it difficult to share your blog with people you know? Why or why not?

It was a little. I shared it with my best friend at first for feedback. I wanted to know what someone who actually knows me thinks about my blog. I was scared that the person I was on my blog was different to how I’m perceived in real-life.

8. What was your favorite post to write in 2014?

That would have to be How To: Love Reading Again

9. Which blog post got the most traffic in 2014?

That would be How To: Get Your Self-Esteem to Normal Level, which was my first post if I’m not mistaken!

10. Who/What inspires you?

EVERYTHING! I think inspiration is everywhere, you just have to look!

11. List five random facts about yourself.

-I feel like I’ve found my best friend for life

-Both my parents are twins

-I get told I’m going to have twins multiple times by multiple people

-My favorite color is purple

-I’m currently watching Friends on Netflix

-I’ve been friend-zoned by two of my best friends

Questions From Lace & Pearls Blog:

11 Facts About Myself:

1. I love adrenaline rushes

2. I’ve never had a hangover before (no matter how much I drink)

3. I stray away from things that go mainstream

4. I laugh super loud

5. My favorite food is fresh lumpia (spring rolls)

6. I can understand most of my native language which is called Chamorro, but sadly I can’t speak it

7. I love to learn but I really dont think I need a degree for what I aspire to do

8. I can’t drop out because I’m on a scholarship

9. My favorite movies are the Ocean’s Eleven Trilogy

10. I like to make little videos

11. My entire room can never be immaculate at the same time

1. How long have you been blogging?

It’s been approximately two months since I’ve started Somebody’s Baby

2. Do you work outside of blogging?

Yes. My mom is sole proprietor of a small local candy & cookie shop. I’m a Kitchen Assistant/Social Media Manager/ Creative Assistant/Delivery Driver/Secretary. Plus I’m a student at the University of Guam.

3. Who does your photography?

Right now, myself, via iPhone.

4. What’s your dream job?

Picking up my mom’s business and expanding it because I know it has so much potential here on the island.

5. Favorite drink?

I’m an avid water drinker, but I love Arizona Green Tea.

6. One of your fears?

Regretting missing a good opportunity.

7. One thing from your bucket list?

Seeing Taylor Swift in concert (which I hope to do this year!)

8. Favorite Local Restaurant?

It’s a really small overlooked Vietnamese restaurant called Kihn Do, but I’m never disappointed by what I get there, especially when I don’t get any of the usual dishes I order.

9. Worst Habit?

I actually don’t want to say my worst habit, which tells you it’s something I REALLY need to stop doing but my next worst habit would probably be procrastination…

Thank you so much girls for nominating me for this award! I genuinely appreciate it and I’m sorry for taking forever to complete it!

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How To: Do Things You Enjoy By Yourself

A few months ago I told my friends they should really watch Gone Girl. They asked who I watched it with. When I told them I went by myself they freaked out and questioned why I went alone. So I watched a movie alone? Big deal? NOT.

Here’s How To: Be Alone

  1. Be Confident
  • Being confident is one of the top things you will ever need to learn how to do in life to conquer the world. What I love about doing things by myself is that it gives me even more confidence afterwards!
  1. Learn Not to Care What Other People Think
  • This is an awesome state of mind because it gives you so much peace of mind. Who cares if you’re eating alone? Who cares if you don’t have someone to go shopping with? You won’t look like a loser! And if someone thinks you are, WHO CARES? Remember that what someone else thinks of you is none of your business.
  1. Act Normal
  • Being alone isn’t a big deal, don’t make it like it is. Just be yourself.
  1. Be Spontaneous & Explore
  • Because you’re by yourself, your options are limitless. There’s no one around convincing you not to do something. You can do what you want to do. I love going to random places and just walking around and wandering. Being by yourself is such a great way to appreciate what’s around you.

Do things you enjoy by yourself. It’s great for the soul and can give you a mini break for social pressures. It’s something I’m thankful I learned how to do and genuinely enjoy when I need a break. Take care and be mindful of yourself.

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2015 Aspirations

WELCOME 2015! Over the past month I’ve been thinking about things I want to accomplish for this new year and heres what I hope this year will bring for me, what I prefer to call “aspirations” over “resolutions”.

  • Improve on my designing skills
  • Summer Trip
  • Christmas Vacation (this is very far-fetched)
  • Learn how to save money (better)
  • Learn how to use my time more effectively
  • Keep up with this blog and not give up
  • Expand on things I have a passion for
  • Don’t lose my love of reading
  • Attain a healthier relationship with food
  • Be Fearless


Most of you may already have your resolutions set out and that’s awesome! The next step is putting action to those goals and achieving them. Make a plan! You fail to plan, you (most likely) plan to fail. Don’t give up and if your resolutions are what you really want, you’ll work hard for them. If you don’t, you probably don’t want it bad enough. So do a little evaluation on what your new year’s resolutions are and be sure you really want it and that no matter how hard the obstacles are, you’ll be willing to persevere. Make this the year you actually meet your annual goals! Good Luck and Happy New Year!

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