How To: Do Things You Enjoy By Yourself

A few months ago I told my friends they should really watch Gone Girl. They asked who I watched it with. When I told them I went by myself they freaked out and questioned why I went alone. So I watched a movie alone? Big deal? NOT.

Here’s How To: Be Alone

  1. Be Confident
  • Being confident is one of the top things you will ever need to learn how to do in life to conquer the world. What I love about doing things by myself is that it gives me even more confidence afterwards!
  1. Learn Not to Care What Other People Think
  • This is an awesome state of mind because it gives you so much peace of mind. Who cares if you’re eating alone? Who cares if you don’t have someone to go shopping with? You won’t look like a loser! And if someone thinks you are, WHO CARES? Remember that what someone else thinks of you is none of your business.
  1. Act Normal
  • Being alone isn’t a big deal, don’t make it like it is. Just be yourself.
  1. Be Spontaneous & Explore
  • Because you’re by yourself, your options are limitless. There’s no one around convincing you not to do something. You can do what you want to do. I love going to random places and just walking around and wandering. Being by yourself is such a great way to appreciate what’s around you.

Do things you enjoy by yourself. It’s great for the soul and can give you a mini break for social pressures. It’s something I’m thankful I learned how to do and genuinely enjoy when I need a break. Take care and be mindful of yourself.

esther sigPhoto Credit: Unsplash


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