Book Review: #GIRLBOSS & Love, Rosie

I read these two books in the last few days before 2014 ended and I glad I’m chose them before the close of the year to spark my love of reading again to help keep up with my goal to read two books a month.

The first book was #GIRLBOSS written by Sophia Amoruso. I absolutely loved this book. I felt like I was in conversation with an older cousin telling me her experiences. It was so down to Earth and easy to read. I learned so much in this book. I screen shot so many pages that had a line or a paragraph I wanted to reference later. The only thing I regret is not buying a hard copy (only got the ebook). It’s so motivating and inspiring, she straight up tells you that you have to work for what you want, being a genuinely nice person will get you far in life and SO much more advice. I highly recommend this book to girls who are trying to make it in the business world or just trying to reach for the stars in general. I definitely plan on reading this book 5 more times (at least). Sophia is so inspirational. I may have followed her on all social media accounts…

love rosie pan

The second book is Love, Rose by Cecelia Ahern. Let me just say that I loved this book despite how sadistic it is. I cried at the end and couldn’t believe that was how it ended. I was so depressed by the ending.

This book is uniquely written through a mass of letters, emails, instant messages, etc and I did like that because it really got to the point at times. Except, it was as if you were just being told about what happened, but you weren’t actually there like in regular books. For example: It doesn’t show the actual parts when Alex & Rosie are together. You would find out what happened through a letter Rosie writes to her sister telling her about what happened. I felt like I was missing a couple things because of this writing style. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’m glad I read this book! I haven’t been so hooked on a book like this for awhile but I will warn you, finishing the book was torture.

Some of you may know that this book is going to the big screen but from the looks of the trailer and the cast, I don’t think they are going to fully portray the whole book and I’m very sad about that. I think they took out a couple of characters who are crucial to events that were crucial to the story of Alex & Rosie’s love life. I hope the movie is still good and but I’m still excited to watch it based on being a Lilly Collins fan alone, which is what encouraged me to read the book!

I HIGHLY suggest both these books! Find a copy and read them! I hope you guys enjoyed this review and are looking forward to next month’s!

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