9 Things I’ve Learned in College (Outside of the Classroom)

1.  Don’t Change Your Passion For Someone Else

Don’t let anyone influence you that what you have a passion for is stupid and not worthwhile. There are so many times relatives ask me what I’m majoring in or what I wanna be and they actually have the audacity to try to persuade me to choose another. If you truly know what you want to do and accomplish in life, do it. Live life for yourself.

2. It’s Okay To Doubt Your Beliefs

This is the best time to get out and learn about anything and everything! Don’t be afraid to let what you see and learn influence what you’ve grown up learning about. Be open-minded and believe what YOU want. Don’t be afraid of accepting new beliefs and changing your mind.

3. There are Lessons in Everything

There are lessons to learn everywhere, especially in failure. “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” (Henry Ford) There are lessons even in situations that suck. Look for them and make the best of the situation.

4. Fear Is Only In Your Head

I’ve never watched After Earth, but I’ve watched the trailer and theres this quote “You must realize, that fear is not real. It is a product of the thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me, danger is very real, but fear is a choice.” This gave me a whole new perspective on fear because it’s true. Fear is only in your head. YOU control what makes you scared. Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

5. You Control Your Happiness

Just like how you control what you’re afraid of, you also control your happiness. Don’t let your happiness depend on something or someone. True happiness comes from within and until you realize this, you won’t be. Don’t be a negative person. Life sucks for negative people because they let it suck.

6. It Sucks For Someone To Lose Trust In You 

Don’t do something stupid that’ll let someone who means a lot to you to lose their trust in you. Once you lose it, the only thing on your mind is thinking of ways of how to regain that trust back. You’ll have to work and rebuild that trust from scratch. And just remember, some people don’t forgive as easily and others.

7. It Sucks Worse to Lose Trust In Someone Else

It is so fuxking horrible when you think you know someone and that this person would never do anything to hurt you in any way and that’s exactly what they do. It hurts so much losing trust in someone you had complete faith in. Sometimes it’ll affect you so much that you’d probably lose your faith and trust in everything else. You question how you can trust anyone and anything for awhile. It’ll hurt worse if you love this person and it won’t be easy to forgive. If you see them trying to earn back your trust, sometimes you should let them.

8. Don’t Accept Social Standards

I’m not saying not to accept any of them, but don’t JUST accept them. Don’t be afraid to question and wonder why everything is the way they are. Don’t be afraid to go against them either. They’re just invisible thresholds.

9. It’s Okay To Be Unsure

And who isn’t? It’s okay to not know what you actually want to do in life or if you feel lost because I feel unsure constantly. Don’t worry too much. You’ll figure things out in the end.

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